With little more than a month left until the G20 begins, there are still many unanswered questions about what kind of security restrictions will take effect during the time leading up to and during the summit. Before this week, information from unofficial sources had been circulating around, but finally, official media sources have released more detailed information about what exactly is going on.

We have collected, translated, and added official information about traveling in and out of the city, including stronger security checks, shipping restrictions, and extra measures when buying things in stores. Below is what you need to know so far:

Extra Security Checks at Zhejiang Train Stations

Extra checks will be put in place at Zhejiang train stations - Zhejiang News

Train Stations

Zhejiang News has reported that starting on August 1st, passengers on trains entering or passing through Hangzhou will be subject to identity and luggage checks. Passengers will be checked at all stations in Zhejiang Province outside of Hangzhou before the train is allowed to enter the city. Security workers are looking for explosive or flammable items, illegal weapons, etc. Any large, opened, or non-original containers containing liquids will be subject to strict searches and possibly confiscated.

Because of the extra time a second check will require, please arrive at the train station at least 1 hour before departure. More is better.

Starting August 15th, passengers arriving at any of Hangzhou’s train stations will be subject to yet another ID and luggage check. Machines will be set-up at each exit to scan your items. Please refrain from carrying oils, alcohol, lighters, or large quantities of flammable liquids such as nail polish.

With all of the lines and crowded spaces that increased security checks will create, please watch your personal items so they don’t get stolen.

Highway Exits

We’ve already seen multiple instances of police closing the roads inside of Hangzhou for practice G20 car-runs, and will likely see more of them. Increased security forces will also be posted at all highway exits. All persons entering Hangzhou must have their ID’s on them as all cars and passengers will be checked. Police may check contents of vehicles they deem suspicious. Please carry your passport at all times.

Buying Knives

There are only so many times that a normal person needs to buy knives in their lifetime, and now may not be the best time to do so. Right now, all stores must lock their knives in glass display cases. When buying a knife, buyers must present their ID and give their full name, phone number, and other personal information.(Note: Telemarketers love to buy phone numbers, so avoid giving it out to strangers as much as possible)

Shipping Goods

Hangzhou Daily has responded to posts circulating on Weibo about not being able to send liquids or powdered goods into or around Hangzhou, name checks for sending packages, and package checks with an official statement from Hangzhou’s Postal Management Department  - Currently, packages are still able to be shipped to Hangzhou, and you must have valid ID to be able to send and receive packages. Packages shipped to Hangzhou will indeed go through more extensive screening, so those receiving packages in the next 1.5 months will see new security labels stuck to them. Finally, at the time of shipment AND when receiving goods, the package must be opened and checked for any hazardous materials.

Some of our team members have also reported that pressurized cans such as hair spray, spray-on sunscreens, and liquids or makeup are also restricted from being shipped to and from Hangzhou.

Our recommendation - Official reports say that while logistics will not be halted entirely, like other sources say, they will be heavily restricted, especially from 8.24 - 9.6. It may be best to do your online shopping after the summit.

Further reading (Chinese):

We expect to receive more information in the coming days and weeks and will report anything new as soon as possible. In the meantime, sit tight and enjoy the clear skies!

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