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Manjuelong Village: Hangzhou’s Most Fragrant Autumn Destination

Each year beginning from early-mid September, Hangzhou is covered in an amazing scent as osmanthus trees begin to bloom. This sweet-smelling fragrance causes one to feel like they’re truly alive again, and just in time too; as the changing of seasons and massive end of the year workload tend to lower spirits. Manjuelong Village is the center of all things osmanthus, and it is truly the best place to go and escape the city during autumn as there are over 1000 years of history behind it. Explore the story behind Manjuelong and then take a trip to see this peaceful destination for yourself.

Complete Consciousness and Raining Osmanthus

Manjuelong village rests in a valley on the Southwestern corner of West Lake, snuggled between the lake and the Southern Peak (南高峰), and near Longjing and Meijiawu tea villages. During the Northern Song Dynasty, the area was renamed Manjueyuan (满觉院), or “the courtyard of complete consciousness”  to reflect the name of the now-abandoned Buddhist temple built in the village. It was said that complete, or perfect consciousness could only be gained if all 12 famous Buddhas joined together – keeping Buddhism’s “be a part of the entire universe before reaching nirvana” thinking in mind.

After the Ming Dynasty, Manjuelong was finally given the prestigious nickname that it deserves as a famous spot around the West Lake area – 满陇桂雨, which means “Raining osmanthus flowers in Manjuelong Village”. With over 7000 osmanthus trees lining the village – some being over 200 years old – osmanthus flowers truly do seem like they are raining as they fall to the ground in huge bunches, covering the ground completely in a sight that has been called “golden snow”.hangzhou manjuelong village osmanthus

Did you know?

Contrary to what many people believe, the osmanthus is actually the flower of Hangzhou

hangzhou manjuelong village osmanthus tea

Osmanthus Tea & Soup
Make sure to order a glass of tea (桂花茶) or bowl of soup (羹) filled with the taste of the flower

Types of Osmanthus

There are 4 main types of osmanthus flowers:

  1. Golden Osmanthus
  2. Silver Osmanthus
  3. Red Osmanthus
  4. All-season Osmanthus

Each type of osmanthus flower has its own special characteristics (their names are a dead-giveaway). For example: golden osmanthus flowers are the most fragrant and have the highest volume of flowers. All-season osmanthus flowers blossom multiple times each year, but most during the autumn.

Poem About Manjuelong

In Chinese first:

By 白居易

Recollecting on my time in Southern China
The most memorable place being Hangzhou
On mountain slopes near the temple scouring for osmanthus flowers in the moonlight
Watching the tide while laying in the pavilion
When can I go back again?

How to get to Manjuelong:

Click here and search how to get from where you are to Manjuelong with Baidu Maps.

You can get to the village by taking bus 87 to Manjuelong (满觉陇), or take one of these buses to the Zoo (动物园) and walk from there to the village:

4路; 4路区间; 31路; 194路; 197路; 287路; 287区间; 291路; 315路; 318路; 318路区间; 334路; 514b线; 822路; 假日游9线/jy9; 西湖南线景区假日线; 游9线/y9

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