broken-electronicsWhile living in country far away from our hometowns, we rely heavily on our computers and smartphones to keep up to date with our family, friends, and news back home. So imagine one day you wake up and try to turn on your laptop only to be met with silent darkness instead of the startup screen we take for granted every other day. “Great, now what?,” you think in your head, while trying not to freak out and call every friend on your contacts list.

Luckily, we’ve wrote this guide to help you go to the right place to get your computer fixed and save time searching and asking. We’ve also included a list of Chinese words you’ll probably (definitely) need while speaking to the repair people. Take a deep breath, relax, and read on.

1. For Newer Computers (<1 Year Old)

If you bought your computer in China, it’s probably under warranty unless you used it as a Frisbee. The best thing you can do is take your computer back to where you bought it from (obviously), or find the nearest service station for your brand. Here are a few common brands and their service locations:


Acer (宏碁) – Link

Lenovo (联想) - Link

ASUS (华硕) – Link

*Other brands’ information unavailable.


If you didn’t buy the computer in China, you still might be able to get it fixed, so try that first. If they tell you no, then you’ll have to go with plan B and follow the same steps as older computers (or wait until you go back home).

2. For Older Computers (>1 Year Old)

The best thing to do in this situation is first find a Chinese friend who has some understanding of computers, because you will have to make a trip to the nearest large electronics market to get your computer fixed. You may not know everything about computers yourself, and don’t want to pay more than you need to. Below is a list of electronics market locations that can get you back to video-chatting with your family in no time:

Xihu, Gongshu, Xiacheng, Shangcheng Districts:

Your best bet is to go to the Wen San Rd. / Jiaogong Rd. area because it’s easy to get to and has some of the largest electronics markets in China:

ego-wen-san-huanggushanEgo (颐高)

  1. 1. Corner of Huanggushan Rd. and Wensan Rd. (There are two Ego buildings here) (黄姑山路文三路交叉口)Map

  3. 2. Corner of Xueyuan Rd. and Wensan Rd. (学院路文三路交叉口)Map
  4. 3. 108 Wensan Rd. (文三路108号)Map


hangzhou-buy-now-electronicsBuy Now (百脑汇)

  1. 1. Corner of Huanggushan Heng Rd. and Jiaogong Rd. (Near Wen San Rd. and Jiaogong Rd.) (黄姑山横路教工路交叉口)Map


Xiasha (Jianggan District):

  1. 1. Business & Trade Cyberport (商贸城数码港), Special Economic Zone, 1 – #4 Road (经济开发区四号路1号)Map
  2. 2. Ego Xiasha (颐高), 1269 Xuelin St. (学林街1269号)Map



  1. 1. Ego Xiaoshan 颐高数码广场 (萧山店), 451 Jincheng Rd. (金城路451号)Map


You can also find many mom & pop computer repair centers in your community or campus and  on main roads, but there’s no guarantee about their quality. Small fixes should be fine.

Computer Vocabulary:

It’s important that you know what’s wrong with your computer so you can decide if you should fix it or just scrap it and get a new one (or keep yourself from getting ripped off). Below are some of the most used computer-related Chinese words:


Processor - 处理器 chǔ lǐ qì

Motherboard – 主板 zhǔ bǎn

RAM / Memory – 内存 nèi cún

Hard Drive – 硬盘 yìng pán

Video Card  - 显卡 xiǎn kǎ

Ethernet Card (for your internet cable) – 网卡 wǎng kǎ

Charger – 充电器 chōng diàn qì

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