A report just released on the official Hangzhou government website, hangzhou.gov.cn details that areas of Hangzhou will be restricted and/or closed off for the G20 starting on August 20th (this Saturday). Read on to see if you will be affected by tight security measures and what precautions you should take. Remember to let your friends know to avoid problems!

Map of Affected Zones (Plotted & Estimated)
Follow along with the complete list of affected zones (bottom)

Click here to see a full map with points (requires VPN)

map of g20 restricted zonesxiaoshan and jianggan restricted zoneswest lake restricted zones
Important Tips:

Always carry your passport, residence permit, and proof of residence (registration) with you.

Stay calm and do not become nervous if you are screened or checked by police

If you are approached by strange people claiming to be police officers and you aren't sure, call 110. Don't fall for scams!

1. Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area Closures

From August 20th to September 6th, a major portion of the Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area will be closed off or restricted.

From August 20th at 00:00 to August 31st at 24:00 – In the affected areas, workers must scan or swipe their national ID cards to enter. Others must go through a security check with their ID or passports in order to enter. Cars without a G20 transportation pass or whose owners do not live within affected areas will be DENIED entrance.

From September 1st at 00:00 to September 6th at 24:00 – No outside access allowed. Only those who reside or work within restricted areas will be allowed access after a security and ID check. Only cars with G20 passes will be allowed access.

2. Mail and Package Restrictions

From August 28th at 00:00 to September 6th at 24:00, packages will be denied from entering the affected areas, including residences and hotels.

In addition, no companies or individuals shall sell, transport, or carry dangerous goods. Police, city management, housing authorities, or other departments may force companies or individuals to stop, close-off, or quarantine outdoor facilities, LED screens, speakers, video surveillance systems, parking spaces, basements, vacant rooms, and other related facilities or devices. Police have the right to enforce any actions detailed above.

3. Travel, Residence, Work, and Movement Within Affected Areas

a) From August 20th to August 31st 8:00 – 17:30, travelers / tourists may enter the West Lake Scenic Area through travel buses originating from 3 locations – Yellow Dragon Travel Center (黄龙旅游集散中心), Huyu Road Distribution Center (虎玉路集散中心), and the Six Harmonies Pagoda Distribution Center (六和塔集散中心). Travelers may only board buses after going through security checks.

b) From August 20th to September 6th temporary bus routes will circle West Lake. Stops within and outside of restricted areas may be changed to optimize transportation between zones.

c) From August 20th to September 6th parking spots surrounding restricted zones will be provided at no cost. Everyone is encouraged to shy away from driving.

d) From August 20th to September 6th temporary service centers will be erected and come into service within restricted areas. If any emergencies or problems occur, residents and workers are encouraged to use these services available to them.

4. Passports

Always carry your passport or ID with you, and please carry your residence registration card if you live within affected areas.

5. Affected Zones

English first, Chinese below

a) Wansong Rd. Provincial Military Hospital Southern Parking Lot -> Western Part of Wansongling Rd. -> Nanping Mountain -> Hupao Rd. -> Santaishan Rd. -> Yucen Hill -> South Peak / Nan Gaofeng (南高峰) -> Longjing Branch Rd. -> Maoxiangshuiqing Water Route -> Zhaogong Di Branch Rd. -> Lingyin Rd. -> Shuguang Rd. -> Baoshi Mountain -> Baochu Rd. -> Fengqi Rd -> Dujinsheng Rd. -> Longyou Rd. -> Sui’An Rd. -> Kaihui Rd. -> Jiaocheng Rd. -> Wulin Branch Rd. -> Taipingli -> Chengsheng Rd. -> Qiwang Rd. -> Xueshi Rd. -> Dongpo Rd. -> Renhe Rd. -> Yan’An Rd. -> Jiangjun Rd. -> Liuying Rd. -> Kaiyuan Rd. -> Zhizicheng Alley -> Xihu Ave. -> Laodong Rd. -> Hehuachitou Rd. -> Xiaozifang -> Qingbo St. -> Tieye Rd.

b) Qiantang River -> Feihong Rd. -> Benjing Ave. -> Yangfan Rd. -> Bo’ao Rd. -> Lifeng Rd. -> Yingfeng Rd. -> Jinji Rd. -> Li’Yi Rd. -> Western Wall of Jiarun Mansion -> Chaoyun Rd. -> Jinji Rd.

c) Xinye Rd. -> Zhijiang Rd. (Including the City Balcony) -> Yixiangzhang Rd. -> Xintang River

d) Youyi Xincun Main Entrance -> Ziyun Hotel -> North of Longgong Hotel -> Hangda Rd. -> Paomachang Rd. -> Huanglong Rd. -> Yellow Dragon Cave -> Baoshi Mountain -> South Side of Provincial Music Hall -> Shuguang Rd.

e) Xixi Paradise / Zijingang Rd. “Green Belt” -> Xixi Paradise / Xixi Wetland Park water border and 803 Wen Er West Rd. (Xixi Hotel Entrance) -> Western floodwall of Xixi Hotel -> Southern floodwall of Xixi Hotel -> Dongwan floodwall -> Dongwan Business Park -> 801 Wen Er West Rd.

a) 万松岭路省军区南侧停车场—万松岭西接线—南屏山山体—虎跑路—三台山路—玉岑山上山—南高峰—龙井支路—茅乡水情水系岸边游步道—赵公堤支路—灵隐路—曙光路—宝石山山体—保俶路—凤起路—都锦生路—龙游路—遂安路—开化路—教场路—武林支路—太平里—长生路—蕲王路—学士路—东坡路—仁和路—延安路—将军路—柳莺路—开元路—直紫城巷—西湖大道—劳动路—荷花池头路—孝子坊—清波街—铁冶路的合围区域(西湖景区封闭管理区域)。

b) 钱塘江—飞虹路—奔竞大道—扬帆路—博奥路—利丰路—盈丰路—金鸡路—利一路—嘉润公馆西围墙—潮韵路—金鸡路的合围区域。

c) 新业路—之江路(含城市阳台)—香樟路及其延伸段—新塘河的合围区域。

d) 友谊新村大门口—友谊新村内南北向通道—友谊新村内东西向围墙—紫云饭店、龙宫酒店北侧围墙—杭大路—跑马场巷路口南侧横街面—跑马场路—黄龙路—曙光路—黄龙洞牌坊游步道—黄龙洞民俗园围墙—宝石山游步道—宝石山省档案馆围墙—省音乐厅南侧—曙光路的合围区域。

e) 西溪天堂紫金港路绿化带内侧—西溪天堂沿山河北岸—西溪天堂与西溪湿地水域分界线的合围区域,以及文二西路803号西溪宾馆入口—西溪宾馆西侧防洪堤—西溪宾馆南侧防洪堤—董湾防洪堤—董湾园区道路—文二西路801号董湾工地入口处的合围区域。

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