Adventure to the Huihang Ancient Trail

Hangzhou Plus' first seasonal group trip was to the Hui Hang Ancient Trail, or 徽杭古道 in Chinese. This old trading path between Anhui and Zhejiang Province is surrounded by breathtaking mountain views and dotted with small villages that double as resting points along the path. This weekend’s group of travelers were able to explore a scenic side of China. Although the first day was hotter than expected, everyone was lucky enough to experience sunshine and clean air on both days.

On the trip, there were a total of twenty-two travelers including two trip leaders: Ten people were from China while the other twelve were from countries including America, Australia, the Croatia, Iran, Japan, New Zealand and the UK. Our trip leaders, Amanda and Charlene are from America, and China, respectively.

hangzhou plus on huihang trail

Those in the group are from various areas in Hangzhou either teaching English, studying abroad, working for companies and more. When asked for the reasons for joining the trip, many of the participants wanted have the chance to bond with other people living in Hangzhou while experiencing a wilderness hike in a hidden part of China.

On Saturday, October 24, the group gathered at the Huang Long Stadium in the Xihu district to board the bus. We left at 8:45 and arrived at the Jiangnan entrance gate in Jixi at 12:00. Once the tickets were bought, everyone found a spot in front of the entrance and ate lunch together. At around 1:00, the group began their hiking expedition.huihang trail group huihang trail friends

On day one, travelers reached both Huang Mao Pei and Xia Xue Tang, two small villages along the trail. Between each resting stop, new experiences unfolded for everyone.  The group encountered friendly animals, including the trips unofficial mascot, Lei Lei the golden retriever.huihang trail chickens

While hiking two each resting stop on the first day, everyone was able to see colors of autumn in the trees, streams, and other fun surprises.

As expected from group travel, some of the group set forth while the rest made their way slowly to the hostel at Lan Tian Ao. The first group arrived at 5:00 while the second half arrived at 6:15.

At last the travelers reunited at the adventurous 古道驿站 (gu3dao4yi4zhan4) hostel. Once they ate a good meal, some of the group gathered in the dining room to play card games.

huihang trail hostel huihang trail hostel dinner

The next morning, the group set off for Lan Tian Ao. Around Lan Tian Ao were breathtaking views of the trail ahead. Everyone finally reached a road that they walked along toward the next village. While some of the group separated, some decided to go off the path to see the bridges, autumn leaves and streams.huihang trail path huihang trail three

Everyone reunited at the Yonglai Village and observed modest traditional white Anhui houses. Once they reached the end of the Yonglai Village, the group ate lunch at 12:00 and boarded the bus home at around 1:00. After one rest stop, everyone finally arrived in Hangzhou between 4:00-5:00.

While this trip was only one night and two days, Hangzhouvians truly bonded and saw a beautiful natural side of China. Stay tuned for more “off the beaten path” adventures!huihang trail group photo

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