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The 62’s Make Hockey Possible for Everyone in Hangzhou

Ask most people in China where you can go to play hockey and they will likely look at you as if you just asked them to explain string theory and then sarcastically reply “Russia”. What they don’t know is that there is hockey in China, and you can even experience the thrill of shooting a puck right in Hangzhou! All of this is made possible by an amazing non-profit sports organization with a humorous name – the Hangzhou 62’s.hangzhou 62 hockey

Dream of Making Hockey Available in Hangzhou

A group of hockey enthusiasts formed the 62’s about 2 years ago. They wanted to give locals a chance to learn how to play the sport without the pressure of playing in competitive games or having unequal ice time. Their name, ‘62’, is actually a slang term in Hangzhounese dialect which means silly – chosen to represent the organization’s laid back and friendly nature. At each practice, hockey players from all levels can be found playing together, with more experienced players taking an active role in helping beginners learn basic hockey fundamentals.

hangzhou 62 practice

Great Leaders Make Great Things Happen

The most active members of the hockey team are extremely dedicated to helping out others. Bjoern from Germany is an architect that has been living in Hangzhou for nearly a decade. Aside from the hockey team, he also regularly participates in other local organizations, such as the baseball team. Jojo is a local who is always looking to try out new things and enjoy life, as evidenced by her numerous appearances on Chinese travel shows. Anson, Beijia, and Jackie are also a vital component of the organization. These leaders go out of their way to make it possible for other people to follow their dreams and engage in fresh and exciting activities. Most importantly, they are all good friends and do their best to create a friendly atmosphere that will encourage people to try out and play hockey for years to come.hangzhou 62 hockey practice

Giving Back to the Community

The 62’s are sponsored by local restaurants and companies, which allows them to provide hockey equipment for anyone to use during practices. Those without enough money to buy professional equipment, or are not sure about playing hockey can come and use the public equipment in order to try it out. Everyone is welcome to join the “Han62hou” family and get on the ice!

hangzhou 62 hockey poster

How to Join the 62’s:

Contact Bjoern:

Mobile:18626852066, WeChat: r_chtenbach

Practice Time: Thursdays, 21:30 – 23:30

Practice Location: Xiasha District. Longhu Tianjie Shopping Mall, 4F (Near Jinsha Hu Line 1 Metro Station)

杭州下沙金沙大道560号龙湖天街商业中心四楼 4017 地铁一号线:金沙湖站

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