Chinese Pizza Exists (hint: it’s tasty) – Recipe REVEALED

If you have been in China for a while now and are about to give up on Chinese food, give it one more chance! We promise this Chinese Pizza dish will restore your confidence when eating in the Middle Kingdom. All you need is a kitchen and a few simple ingredients, and you can be making this dish known as Jinyun Shaobing (缙云烧饼) in no time! We made Chinese Pizza ourselves this past weekend, and it was great. Below we share the ingredients (and some pictures):

Chinese Pizza Recipe (Serves 10):


1.5 kg Flour

4kg Pork (based on preference)


2 spoons Yeast

1 spoon Baking Powder

Green Onions (to taste)

2 Cloves Garlic (to taste)

Cooking oil

Dried, Fermented Cabbage (to taste, also called 梅干菜)

dried fermented cabbage

Dried, fermented cabbage: 梅干菜


First mix the flour and water. Use room temperature water for best results. Mix in the yeast and let dough rise. Rising time depends on the room temperature (in winter, 3 hrs).

After dough has risen, knead it and make sure there aren’t any large pockets of air. Shape the dough into a snake-like structure and cut the dough into smaller pieces (as shown in photo below):rolling dough chinese pizza

Begin by flattening the dough into a “pancake” shape. Then add the pork, onions, cabbage, and any other ingredients on top.cutting pork slices

Use the dough to wrap the filling and completely cover it (as if you were making baozi)group making stuffing

Take your “baozi” and flatten it again. Don’t flatten too much or else the filling will poke through and you will have to start over!

Now that you have your Chinese Pizza ready to be cooked, put oil in a pan on the stove and set it to medium/high. Set your pancake in, flip when golden brown. Serve after both sides are golden and crispy, like this:finished chinese pizza

Finally, serve and enjoy!eating chinese pizza

Also, if you want to add other ingredients (like cheddar cheese), feel free to do so! Someone brought some cheese and made a Chinese Calzone…adding cheddar cheese

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