Charging your transportation card can be a hassle, especially if you're in a pinch. Only select bus stations and convenience stores offer a top up service, and a trek to the subway station is useless if you have no bus money to begin with.

Fortunately, you can now charge your transportation card with only your phone and WeChat! Here's how:


1. A phone that supports NFC (check in your phone's settings if you're not sure. Turn on NFC if you can find it.).

*IF YOU HAVE AN IPHONE, THIS WILL NOT WORK. Apple phones can only use NFC for Apple Pay, sorry!

2. WeChat Wallet

3. Supported transportation card - We've only used the basic Hangzhou green transportation card, but it may work with other card types and in other cities... try it!

Charging Your Card

1. Enable NFC

First, you'll need to make sure NFC is enabled on both your phone AND in WeChat.

To enable it on your phone - go to Settings and search for NFC. The NFC feature should be near your connection or wireless settings. If you can't find NFC, your phone may not support this feature.

On WeChat, go to 'Me' -> 'Settings' -> 'General' and look for 'Enable NFC'. Make sure the switch is on (greeen) If you don't see this option, make sure the NFC setting is turned on in your phone's settings and your WeChat version is up to date.


2. Scan Your Transportation Card
Time for the fun part of this tutorial - Take your transportation card and hold it to the back of your phone (make sure WeChat is open). You should remove any phone case or cover before this step to ensure your card can be read.

This is the best way to hold your card:


If WeChat recognized you are trying to scan a card, but could not identify the card, it may show this screen:


If you see this screen, don't worry - keep trying to scan your card. If everything goes correctly, the transportation card management page will load:


As you can see, it shows your balance, card number (doublecheck to see if is correct), and amounts you may charge.

If you don't see a balance or card number, try scanning your card again.

Great job, we're nearly finished!

3. Select Charge Amount & Pay
Now that WeChat knows which card number to put money on, select one of the charge amounts below. You will then be asked to select a payment method and input your password to complete the transfer. You will then see the payment success screen to confirm your payment has been made.



After tapping done on the payment success screen, you will have to confirm your charge once more. Place your card to the back of your phone again and hold it there until the three dots on the bottom of the page change color and you see a new page.

*If you accidently exit WeChat during this step - fear not! Simply go back and scan your card again. A popup will ask if you want to go back to where you left off. *phew*


Finally, you can review your order information on this last page, and tap the green button on the bottom to confirm your top-up.


You will then be directed back to the card management page, where you can check your new balance.


...and you're all done. That was pretty easy, huh?

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